The Israel National Hiking Trail

The Israel Trail is a hiking trail that crosses the length and breadth of Isreal. Most of the trail consists of shorter 'local' trails that were marked years ago and then joined in to one continuous trail that runs from Tel Dan in the north to Eilat in the south - or the other way if you so prefer.

The local trails are marked with paint using the primary colours, one at a time, on rocks or signs on a back ground of white. The colours are not codes relating to difficulty or similar but just a marks that one follows making navigation easier. The Israel Trail is marked using paint on rocks or signs in orange blue and white - three stripes and where the Israel Trail runs along a local trail one will have both sets of markings along that portion of trail.  

The 840 odd kms is divided in to sections that can be done a day at a time with camp sites close to each section. While one can hike the whole trail in about 60 days in a row many, especially the Israelis, choose to hike it in segments often doing a day or two on each outing. Most of the camp sites have little or no amenities meaning that one must carry in and out all their supplies and trash making the exercise logisticaly challenging especially in the southern part where distances from civilization can be big. 

One can stash supplies ahead of time or employ the services of companies like Adam Sela's to stash or meet and re-supply on the trail. Those that prefer not to camp can get companies like Adam Sela's to transport to and from trail heads. There are also lots of "trail angels" - people who offer free lodging or services along the trail's length.

The trail crosses many national parks and reserves such as the Tzin Wilderness and the Ramon Machtesh (Ramon Crater) which are in our so called 'back yard' and where we provide logistical support for many hikers using our Land Rovers (jeeps) to take people to and from trail heads, set up camps for those who want to camp out rather than drive out, carry their own equipment or just bring in supplies such as food, water, fire wood and even a cold beer.

The Israel Trail is an amazing project and well worth hiking.



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