The Ramon Machtesh at dawn

Duration: 2 hours

Starts and finishes: Mtzpe Ramon - departure time varies according to sunrise.

We will descend into the Machtesh and cross most of it's width climbing to the summit of Mt. Gvanmim from where (weather and visibility permitting) we will watch the sunrise and enjoy a glass of freshly brewed coffee. After descending from our view point we will head West over the Ra'af Hills and then along the seasonal river bed that drains them to Wadi Ramon and the lonely Acacia that grows there. In the soft river sand we will show you how a Machtesh is formed and explain why they are so rare and special and then continue along the dry river bed and then back to the hotel.
We look forward to sharing a "Challenging Experience" with you in the near future
Price: 850 NIS per jeep (up to 8 people).

Package dealcombines a 2 hour guided jeep tour and the introductorט rappel
                        1- 8 participants: 1500 NIS.
                        9 - 16 participants: 3000 NIS.

Tourists are entitled to a  17% VAT deduction, "discount", upon presentation of a valid entry visa and foreign passport. 

Activity prior reservation through our office.

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Mitzpe Ramon 
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