Jeep tours in the Negev

"Jeep" has become, in Israel anyway, the term refering to ALL off road vehicles. In fact, we have chosen to use the Land Rover Defender as our main 4X4 expedition vehicle. The LR Defender is a full time four wheel drive, coil sprung 4X4 capable of handling the roughest of terrain with relative ease and comfort.

We believe that the jeep should be used as a means to an end, the end being getting you our client to otherwise difficult to access areas so that you can get the most out of the time that we spend together. All our jeep tours, short and long, are guided by specialist guides with years of experience both in the field and at the steering wheel.

Our jeeps are licenced by the Israel Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Tourism to carry fee paying passengers and as such meet the strict regulations laid down by these two agencies. All our vehicles recieve a mandatory monthly check up by an independent vehicle safety inspector - feel free to ask to see the certificate of safety issued at this check up.

We look forward to sharing a "Challenging Experience" with you in the near future
Our jeeps are well equiped - we carry drinking water, first aid kits, two way VHF radios linked to each other and to the national emergency and SAR frequencies, cellular phones, winches, and alot of "unimportant" stuff like a camping stove so that we can treat you to a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee or herbal tea...

We operate a huge variety of jeep tours from short two and a half jeep tours upto multi day camping safaris - check out the jeep tour itineraries.

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