Ramon Caper

Nestled in a remote valley deep inside the Ramon Machtesh is the extremely rare Ramon Caper. This is the only place in the whole world where this plant is found - it apparently requires soils and climate peculiar to this region. The Ramon Caper was for a while considered to be extinct, that was until a park ranger brought it's existence to the attention of a plant expert from the Jerusalem University. Few know if it's existence or indeed it's location. 

A couple of years ago one of our guests wrote to me asking if I might be able to show her a very rare plant at a particular location in the Negev. I soon found that the plant she referred to was well known to us but that we did not know or ever imagine that it was so rare. A few months later we visited these rare plants together.

This year the area where the Ramon Caper grows was drought stricken but for some reason, and in spite of the drought, the way and timing that the little rain that did fall seems to have been exactly what this rare plant likes and it flowered profusely - three times in the season.

Unlike many of the desert plants the Ramon Caper, like the other Capers, flowers at the beginning of summer rather than in winter or spring like most of the other desert plants. This habit means that it is one of the very few plants flowering at this time of year and hence has no problem "competing" for the attention of the insects that pollinate it's exquisite flowers.


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