The Ramon Machtesh in a nut shell

Duration: 2 hours

Starts and finishes: Mtzpe Ramon
09:00 12:00 and 15:00 (in summer later if need be). 

Our first stop will be on the edge of the Ramon Machtesh at the top of the Atzmaut Ascent, after a short explanation at the viewpoint we will descend into the Machtesh and cross half it's width to Wadi Ramon where we will stop to explain what a Machtesh is and how it was formed. We will continue across the floor of the Machtesh to the summit of Mt. Gvanim which offers a stunning view of the entire Machtesh and from there along Wadi Gvanim stopping in the shade of an Accaia tree to explain about the flora and fauna of the region before returning to Mtzpe Ramon.
We look forward to sharing a "Challenging Experience" with you in the near future
Price: 1-6 participants 850 NIS per jeep (up to 6 passengers) or 720 NIS for tourists.
           7-8 participants 1050 NIS per jeep (up to 8 passengers) or 890 NIS for tourists.

Package deal: combines a 2 hour guided jeep tour and the introductor rappel
                         1- 6 participants: 1500 NIS, 1300 NIS for tourists
                         7 - 8 participants: 1700 NIS, 1450 NIS for tourists

Tourist price, 17% VAT deduction, requires presentation of a valid entry visa and foreign passport.  

Activity by prior reservation through our office.

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Israel call: 050-5308272

International call: 972 (50) 5308272
Mitzpe Ramon 
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