Rappelling in Mitzpe Ramon

Rappelling in Mitzpe Ramon

Rappelling was initially devloped by mountaineers and cavers and over time has become a very user friendly, fun and exciting activity. A good part of the attraction is the "fear factor" but while the activity has a percieved danger it in fact is extremly safe especially when done in the fashion that we organise it. Rappelling is suitable for people of all ages and one requires no prior knowledge, skills or special attributes such as fitness, strength or agility.

The Mitzpe Ramon site is next to the visitors's center on the edge of the Ramon Machtesh. The site is easily reached by car and public transport alike.

The cliff that we rappel on is just to the North of the visitor's center directly opposite the Tzukim restaurant just 2 minute's walk from the main parking lot. The cliff itself is part of the northern wall of the Machtesh (crater) and although one only rappells part of the height the impression is of the whole 250 meters. 

Our highly trained and  experienced instructors will make this seemingly dangerous activity safe and easy and guide you through the motions with ease. All you need is the will to try. 

Option 1: 15 meter introductory rappel - one descent per participant. 
               1- 10 participants: 1300 NIS.
               11- 20 participants: 1600 NIS.
               21 + participants: please contact us for a quote.

Option 2: 30 meter advanced meter rappel (we reccomend not to start with the higher rappel                        without first doing the introductory rappell) - one decent per participant.
               1 - 10 participants: 1400 NIS.
               11 - 20 participants: 1700 NIS.
               21 + particpants: please contact us for a quote.

Option 3: This combination activity include two decents per aprticipant, the 15 meter

                 introductory rappel + 30 meter advanced rappel.  
                1 - 10 participants: 1800 NIS.
                10 + participants: please contact us for a quote. 

There are also a couple of package deals for small parties that include a guided jeep tour + the introductory rappel:

Package deal Options: for package deals including jeep tour + rappelling visit here.

As per directives for rappelling alone there is NO VAT deduction for tourists. 


These activities require prior reservation through our office.

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